From Tupi-Guarani, small flower.

Ibotira is strength and persistence; It is the tranquility and peace that are in the blood of those called Ibotira.

I am Ibotira; I am the strength and serenity of my ancestors and my culture in the search for inner harmony.

I am Ibotira; transparency and transformation in each intertwined point.

I am Ibotira; delicacy and attention in the construction of works made with love and dedication.

I am Ibotira!

Ibotira knitwear requires special care.

We make durable and delicate handmade pieces. To better care for and maintain quality knitting for longer, we have put together some tips for you to follow and apply to your products.

The research and inspiration for Ibotira products are the result of my culture and indigenous roots. I try to study and delve deeper into Tupi-Guarani elements and words. I have indigenous and Portuguese descent. Today I am the sum of everything that surrounds me and that strengthens me, but above all, I am like Ibotira: strength and persistence are in my blood.
Nicolly Janine


The characteristic of Ibotira know-how comes from handmade processes, adopting minimalism as the mentality (less is better). It is design with a sense of quality, not quantity, improving processes and materials while reducing resources and maintenance.​

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