These are the reusable Ibotira squares for makeup removal made with 100% organic cotton wool. With the goal of reducing the amount of cotton that becomes waste, they can be used both for assisting in the removal of skin products and for other applications that would normally use cotton, such as facial masks and tonics.

The squares are named Rudá, which in Tupi is the God of love, to whom the indigenous women would sing a prayer at dusk. They were named Rudá because their weaving forms heart shapes, thus caring for your skin and the environment.

100% organic cotton

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Becoming more sustainable and generating less waste is more than possible. You save money, time, and live a calmer, happier life with fewer residues.

Much love and always paying attention to our planet!

• PACK with all 3 colors.

NOTE: Products may undergo some alterations as they are handmade





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