In homage to African culture, Ibotira has developed the Etê turban, a word originating from Tupi, meaning good, honorable, sincere.

Turbans were worn as a symbol of resistance in African culture, reaffirming their identity. In Brazil today, wearing turbans also serves to recall and reinforce aspects of African black culture, resisting and fighting against racism and prejudice.

As a fashion accessory, the use of turbans should be conscious and requires an understanding of their significance.

100% wool

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Turbans symbolize the resilience of black women and have a close connection with religious rituals of African origin. Besides being used for religious rituals and spiritual protection, it can symbolize a crown.

Made with 100% wool yarn, sourced from an eco-friendly collection that avoids the use of chemicals in its spinning process.

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NOTE: Products may undergo some alterations as they are handmade


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